I wake up in the morning wildly excited to drink my cup of coffee. After I’ve finished it, I anxiously wait for the day to pass so I can wake up the next day and drink coffee again.  It’s a joyous cycle.

I’m a married lady in my thirties with a toddler and a husband. During the day I work a job where I play with numbers, and in the evenings I play with art and cartoons and do many other things that are the opposite of numbers.  I putter until I crash, pretend to be a yogi, eat constantly, and take naps seriously.

My husband person is a tall, prominently-proboscised and very lovable artist type with a propensity to mimic interesting sounds, talk too fast when caffeinated, and man rocketed missions to the moon.

My daughter is a talkative sprite who likes heavy metal music, luxuriates in a well-timed food coma, and enjoys the sounds that escape her various openings.

Life, however uneventful, is quite funny.  One must simply look for it!