Inktober: Week One

October is my favorite art month of the entire year, partly because the changing of the season is so darned magical, but also because of Inktober. (Read about it here: I’m posting this week’s drawings here as a “week in review.”

This is he first time since Baby that I’ve really drawn, like with real paper. And I barely drew anything while pregnant so it’s been a LONG time since I’ve played in this space. I avoided it for a time, too, because I felt like I lost a lot in my hands and in my eyes. I’m happy to report that drawing is muscle memory like anything else, and it comes back way more quickly than you think. Thank god.

Origins: Starting a New (Ad)venture

My most recent comic titled “WHAT.” is the comic that birthed Runs on Coffee. One day in May around our first wedding anniversary, my sweet husband dropped the “let’s have kids” bomb on me, and then a rash of comic ideas flooded my brain. I couldn’t get the sketches down on paper fast enough. This one was the first strip I drew and colored by hand (below). Soon after, I plunged into digital and started figuring out how to streamline my process, draw more quickly, and get the characters developed to a comfortable level. Shortly thereafter, I appeared here, at 😜

What a friggin’ whirlwind!