The Saga Continues

I’m at Starbucks. You know what that means!

No internet at the new place. And no, it’s not my husband’s fault. It’s the internet company’s fault. And it might as well be every internet company’s fault because the “service” offered by every internet provider I’ve ever had has been subpar at best. I hate them all.

When we signed up with the New Internet Company, they couldn’t come out for two weeks. Okay fine. The day they were scheduled to install, they gave us a four-hour window, like they do. Okay fine.

Hubs took the morning off to accommodate their window.

He waited.

And waited.

and waited…

At the very end of the service window, they called him. We got held up with something-or-other, we’ll hopefully be there within another two hours (HOPEFULLY), blah blah etcetera. 

My husband is a patient man. (He’s married to me, for god’s sake.) My husband is also an understanding man. But when my husband is done with bullshit, he’s done with the bullshit.

An hour or so later, he received another call. They’re still held up, they don’t know how long they’ll be, and they need to reschedule. By this time, he’s already wasted an entire day waiting for nothing.

You’d think in the day of Uber and same-day Amazon delivery and the myriad ways technology has advanced how we deliver goods and services to consumers that somebody, somewhere, would figure out a way to improve the quality of internet installation.

My husband exchanged some words with the service technician and decided they can go *bleep* themselves. Meanwhile, his wife waddled her ever-expanding derrière over to Sbux, again, so she could make this post. BECAUSE WHAT IS ART WITHOUT SACRIFICE.

As I write this, The Tall Man called with an update. He signed back up with the Old Internet Company. They’ll be out on Tuesday, the service window is two hours instead of four, and they’ll call before arriving. Oh! And we’re getting a better rate for webs that are five times faster than with the other company.

Things have a way of working themselves out.

Happy Friday, folks!



We moved. But that’s just the end of the story.

For the better part of this year, The Husband and I decided it would be a grand idea to try to buy a house. After eight months, hours of research, a slew of meetings, one Saturday class, and every waking minute spent dissecting Redfin, we decided it’s not the right time for us to buy a house. Sometimes you have to follow the path almost the entire way to know it’s not “the one.” And in this case, we followed it nearly to completion to discover it’s not “the one for us RIGHT NOW.”

Once we made that decision, finding a new rental became imminent. I continue to balloon by the minute (fat wrists are indeed a thing, BTW), the weather began it’s decline into the frigid season, and the cops regularly visit our apartment building at least once a month to say hi to the societal scum that lives behind our shared walls. The need to GTFO hit its oppressive limit, and soon I will barely be able to roll myself off the edge of the bed, let alone schlepp boxes or hoist myself up and down forty flights of stairs.

There are two things in life that I’m good at: getting jobs and finding apartments. And if you ask me, not many other talents matter as much.

We found a sweet little place in a sweet little community a couple towns away. Our neighborhood has sidewalks (SIDEWALKS!), landscaping, sweeping patches of grass, playing children, yellow trees sprinkling the first autumn leaves onto the streets, and a hefty dose of quietude. The fire trucks don’t pass by our window every night with sirens blaring, the police haven’t broken up yet another escalating fight in the parking lot, and the resident morons don’t peel out at the stop sign every sixteen seconds. It’s almost like grown-ups live here… And it’s almost like the perfect place to have a new little human.

Anyway, the point of the story is The Husband shut off the internet at the old place before we’d actually moved out, and the internet doesn’t start up at the new place until some number of weeks after we’ve moved in. And it wasn’t until today that I could screw my head on enough to waddle my way to a Starbucks that I’m 94% certain was once a Burger King.

So, pardon the delay! Enjoy today’s post about the joys of moving. We may or may not have internet next week. 🙃


The Making of a Comic: Part II

This strip went from inception to creation in a wonderfully short amount of time.  I’ve been playing with loosening up the color application and changing tools to help speed along the process.  My measure of a successful comic is one that makes me laugh each time I encounter it — This one definitely does that.

And, as you can see, big things are happening!  So much humor happens when you blow up your comfortable little life.


Origins: Starting a New (Ad)venture

My most recent comic titled “WHAT.” is the comic that birthed Runs on Coffee. One day in May around our first wedding anniversary, my sweet husband dropped the “let’s have kids” bomb on me, and then a rash of comic ideas flooded my brain. I couldn’t get the sketches down on paper fast enough. This one was the first strip I drew and colored by hand (below). Soon after, I plunged into digital and started figuring out how to streamline my process, draw more quickly, and get the characters developed to a comfortable level. Shortly thereafter, I appeared here, at runsoncoffeecomic.com. 😜

What a friggin’ whirlwind!



The Making of a Comic: Part I

I’ve had several inquiries about how I make my comics, so here is a time lapse video of the making of “They Told Me It Would Happen” start to finish.  (Pardon the little glitch in the beginning.)  All of my comics are created using a similar method: under drawing/preliminary sketch, line work, color.

I am by no means an expert (yet), but the under drawing is the most important part of the comic.  I take my time in this stage but also work gesturally to capture movement, energy, and expression right from the start.

After the under drawing is complete, I add the line work, where the overall expressiveness of the comic really comes through.  The possibilities with line are endless.  I enjoy playing with varying styles and discovering what they feel like on my eyeballs. 🙂

Lastly I add color, which is the funnest part of the process.  It’s like coloring in a coloring book that I’ve created!  Color breathes life into the characters and scene, and I love watching it unfold in front of me.

Thanks for popping by!



Maiden Voyage

Hello, and welcome to Runs on Coffee!  I hope you enjoy these little cartoons — I sure enjoy making them.  I’ve been drawing comics off and on throughout my life, and now with the powers of the internet I can share them with you.  A new strip will be posted each Friday and other related content will pop up periodically, so please check back for new posts and updates.  Or, click the “Follow” button to the right to receive alerts via email.

Work hard and stay humble, friends!